Sailing the canyon of curvy Drina river


Perućac – Višegrad – Andrićgrad – Perućac

The Drina River and its magnificent canyon are a treasure and wealth that Tara, Perućac and Bajina Bašta make, among other things, so special. It is one of the most beautiful rivers of this part of Europe that it is not difficult for it to be, as it arises at the Scepan field from the Tara River (Montenegro), and nothing less beautiful Piva River. It seems that Drina, right here at the foot of the Tara Mountain, is the most beautiful, and its trough and the canyon are the most picturesque and most impressive.

The Drina Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world (in some places up to 1000 m). After half an hour of sailing, you will wait for a place where the Drina is adorned with a green color of water and forested cliffs connecting the water with the sky. The trails spent in the canyon are unusual, unforgettable and unrepeatable ...


  • Arrival to Perućac no later than 08:30 h, border control, boarding, departure at 09.00 h and sailing the most beautiful canyon to Višegrad;
  • Sailing to Višegrad for about 3 hours and 15 minutes;
  • Upon arrival in Višegrad, the sightseeing of the town: Bridge on the Drina River - Mehmed-paša Sokolović, then, Andrićgrad, which emerged as the idea of the famous director Emir Kusturica about the stone medieval town inspired by the works and figures of the nobleman Ivo Andrić;
  • Free time (about 3 hours) until return to Perućac planned at 15.00;
  • Lunch on board (by agreement and with music) or in Višegrad for organized groups;
  • Sailing from Višegrad to Perućac lasting about 3 hours and 15 minutes, scheduled docking at Perućac around 18.30. (End of program).


2.500,00 rsd per person, childs ages 2-10 years 1.100,00 rsd, childs up to 2 years gratis


2.200,00 rsd per person, childs ages 2-10 years 1.000,00 rsd, childs up to 2 years gratis

Method of payment:

Cash payment: when booking excursions and purchasing tickets for sailing not later than 2 days before the start of the excursion.

Price excursion includes:

  • Sailing from Perućac to Višegrad and from Višegrad to Perućac - both directions;
  • Tour of Višegrad, Andrićgrad, Bridge of Mehmed pasha Sokolović with local guides;
  • Local guide services;
  • Agency representative and licensed guide during sailing and program.

Price excursion does not include:

  • Transportation to Perućac;
  • Individual travel expenses, as well as other expenses not provided for by the travel program and not included in the program;
  • Lunch on board or Višegrad (music) by arrangement.


Citizens of the Republic of Serbia can sail with a valid identity card or biometric passport, and children must have a passport and consent of the parent if they do not sail with both parents. Deadline for submission is no later than 2 days before sailing with MANDATORY delivery of personal data: Name and surname, JMBG and number of valid identity card or passport due to crossing state border and border control.

The trip will be realized with at least 40 registered paid passengers.

In case of changes in the monetary market, the market of goods and services or the insufficient number of registered passengers, the Agency reserves the right to correct the prices, change the program or cancel the trip no later than 3 days before the beginning of the trip. The trip will not be realized in case of bad weather conditions such as strong wind, castle, ...). Please be familiar with the travel program before signing a contract. The Agency considers that the traveler has fully familiarized himself with the travel program by signing the application (contract) for travel and advance payment.