Šargan eight


One-day excursion, ride Ćiro, Drvengrad, Višegrad, Andrićgrad

Drvengrad was built on the hill Mećavnik according to the idea of ​​film director Emir Kusturica for the film "Life is a Miracle". The Mećavnik overhangs the village of Mokra Gora and it is aligned at the same level with the railway station of Jatare, through which the narrow gauge of the Šargan eight passes through.

Šargan eight is the most attractive tourist-museum railway in Europe and is mentioned as a unique masterpiece in the world, among the tracks of a narrow walkway. She connected Belgrade with Sarajevo and Dubrovnik, and was put into traffic on February 2, 1925. This exceptional track in the form of number 8, is 13.5 km long. 22 tunnels, 5 bridges and viaducts were built on the railway line. On the right, and partly on the left bank of the Drina, on both sides of Rzav, which flows into the Drina, among the swampy forested hills, the town of Višegrad extends. The biggest attraction of this city is the bridge across the Drina, which Mehmed-paša Sokolović built in 1571 ... Now another attraction adorn Višegrad, that is Andrićgrad, officially opened on Vidovdan, June 28th. 2014.


  • Arrival to Bajina Bašta until 08.30 h, departure for Mokra Gora;
  • Visit to Drvengrad (ethno village of Emir Kusturica on the hill Mecavnik);
  • Visit to the spring of "White Water" (a wellspring that treats eye disease - the fifth in healing in Europe);
  • Driving "Ćiro" - Šargan eight - the most attractive narrow track in Europe (railway station from 1925);
  • Departure for Visegrad - a tour of the Mehmed pasha Sokolovic bridge (famous novel by Ivo Andric "On the Drina Cuprija");
  • Lunch on the terrace of the hotel located by the bridge in Visegrad;
  • Return. End of the program.


On request

Method of payment:

Cash payment: when booking excursions and purchasing tickets for sailing not later than 2 days before the start of the excursion.

Price excursion includes:

  • entrance fee for Emir Kusturica's ethno village Drvengrad;
  • lunch on the terrace of the restaurant next to the bridge in Višegrad;
  • driving by Ćiro.

Price excursion does not include:

  • individual costs.


The program is organized exclusively for closed groups of at least 30 passengers. Transportation is not included in the price, which depends on the destination from which the group is starts. The cost of transport is subsequently charged.