Downhill boats Drina river


From Perućac to House on the rock

Rafting on the river Drina has a long tradition, and in the glory of old rafters, which have been transporting materials by the river, the "Drina regatta" is held every year in July. In addition to maintaining the regatta, Drina is also attractive all year round for boating, so we designed the program: Downhill down the Dina River.


The winding is just below the dam of the HPP Bajina Bašta, sailing the most attractive part of the Drina under the waterfall, the Vrelo river will be over a few light beech trees. Sailing belongs to recreational rafting with a beautiful scene for photography. The maximum number of persons per boat is 10 plus skipper. Walk to the mouth of the river Raca in the Drina 13 km for 2 to 3 hours depending on the water level.


Regular departures every Wednesday at 11 am during the summer season with a mandatory reservation at least one day earlier.


Price of the card is 1,000 dinars per person, for children up to 10 years 500 dinars, minimum 6 persons. The price for renting a boat is 8,000 dinars for one cruise. Maximum number of people 10.

Method of payment:

Cash payment: when booking and buying a downhill ticket at the latest 1 day before the start of the downhill.

Downhill price includes:

  • Transportation from Bajina Bašta to Perućac;
  • Professional skipper;
  • Life jackets;
  • Transportation to Bajina Bašta at the end of the downhill.

Downhill price does not includes:

  • Individual costs.